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04 Feb 22:40

Automatic value changes - find out more!
In Ustaw Ligę player's value changes depending on their popularity. Check out most frequently asked questions.

When does the value change take place? - player values change between the end of transfer window of the starting gameweek and transfer window opening of the next gameweek. When does a player become more expensive? - an increase in popularity of at least 1% between two gameweeks causes the player to increase in value by 0.1 million. When does a player get cheaper? - a decrease in popularity between two gameweeks by at least 1% means a decrease in the player's value by 0.1 million. - player whose popularity is less than 1%, becames cheaper by 0.1 million with each gameweek. The minimum value is 0.5 million. Is the purchase and sale value of players the same? - a value change has the same effect on the player's purchase and sale values. How will I know that my team value increased? - change in player's value affects the value of the squads, i.e. when your squad had 30 million value, and one of your player's value increased by 0.1 million, then the value of your squad will be 30.1 million (does not apply to the gameweek in which you use the Free Hit - in that case the players that return to your team will be counted. How much can player's value change at once? - the maximum value change during one queue is 0.1 million.

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